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Postal Address: P. O. Box: 58395, Riyadh 11515

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Twitter: @dr_fahad_harthi




  • PhD in Human Sciences and Literature, Université de La Sorbonne, Paris, France with very good grade (First Honours).
  • BA Arabic Language and Literature of the Faculty of Sharia and Islamic Studies, Mecca (now Umm Al Qura University) with excellent grade with honours.

Current Positions and Tasks:

  • President, current owner and co-founder of Asbar Centre for Studies, Research and Communications since 1994. The centre is meant to contribute to the society development and upgrading its institutions’ efficiency & effectiveness through emphasizing the importance of scientific studies as the best means to arriving to the correct decisions,


  • Chairman of Asbar World Forum. The purpose of the Forum is to provide a high level of understanding the issues associated with transitioning the Kingdom’s oil-based economy to a knowledge-based economy, Stating the relationship between the knowledge society and sustainable development, and the role of knowledge in raising the efficiency of the productive and service sectors and their absorptive capacity to transforming knowledge into economy,




  • Chairman of Asbar Convention (think thank) Which includes 100 intellectuals from different political and social backgrounds, which purpose is to deepen knowledge of the latest events and society issues, promoting the values of dialogue, exchanging opinions between intellectual and cultural elites,


Previous Positions and Tasks:

  • Member of the Saudi Shura (Legislative Council) since its first session held in 1993.
  • He was re-elected for the second time for the second session of the Saudi Shura in 1997.
  • He was re-elected for the respective third time for the third session of the Saudi Shura in 2001.
  • He was elected as the first chairman of the Board Al-Watan Daily Newspaper (Aseer Establishment for Press and Publication) since 1997 to the end of 2002.
  • He was re-elected for the second time as the chairman of the Board Al-Watan Daily Newspaper in 2002.
  • He was appointed as authorized general manager of Al Watan Newspaper in addition to his work as the chairman of the Board from 2000 to 2002.
  • He was appointed as the editor-in-chief of the newspaper in 2002 in addition to his work as the chairman of the Board
  • Editor-in-chief of Al Yamamah Newspaper 1980 to 1992 (for twelve years).
  • Member of the Board of directors of Al Yamamah Press Establishment to 1992.
  • Ex-staff member, King Saud University 1980 – 1993.
  • Founding member of the Arab Council for Childhood and Development 1987.
  • Member of OPEC for two consecutive sessions.

Committees and the like

  • Member of the advisory Committee of Arab Thought Foundation 2002.
  • Member of the foundation committee of the project of Arabian Printing and Publishing House, Riyadh and the Member of the Board of Directors since April 1999 to March 2003.
  • Chairman of the Information and Cultural Affairs Committee of the Shura Council since its establishment in 1999. It was incorporated with the education committee in the past.
  • Chairman of the Board of the Andalusian Company for Natural Stone and Marble for the year 1996.
  • Head of the Information, Cultural and Educational Affairs Committee in the Shura Council 1994-1995.
  • Member of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Disabled Children Association 1989-1993
  • Member of the Award Committee of the Saudi Disabled Children Association 1993-1994.
  • Head of the Information Committee of the Saudi Disabled Children Association 1986-1993
  • Member of the information and awareness committee to enforce the recommendations of the First Disability Conference 1992.
  • Member of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Red Crescent 1992.
  • Member of the Supreme Committee of Radio And Television Programs Evaluation, Ministry of Information 1986, (Committee branched from the Supreme Council for Information).
  • An expert member of the Advisory Committee of the Arab culture, UNESCO in 1985.
  • Member of the Supreme Committee that planned and prepared for the “national campaign against terrorism”. The committee was established under the royal order No. 35990. He worked as a member in the executive committee which assumed the direct supervision on a number of campaign events. Then, he chaired the scientific team which conducted scientific study on the evaluation of “the campaign”, its events and the achievements on the national level.
  • He contributed to some works of the scientific committees of King Saud University during the period when he was a teaching professor at the University.
  • He participated in the some academic committees concerned with assessment of dissertations in King Saud University.

Delegations, Conferences & Symposiums

  • He participated in a number of conferences of Arab Media Forum in Dubai. He also was chosen as a member of some arbitration committees in “Press Award” that the Forum awards to the winners of the different branches of the Award per year in addition to his other participations in different information conferences and symposiums.
  • He participated in a number of symposiums organized by the “”Emirates Policy Center” in Abu Dhabi, including workshop (Egypt: Statuesque and Future of Transformations) 15 to 16 July 2014, and workshop “Turkey: Future of Model and Role held on 18 to 19 May 2014.
  • He participated in a number of Moussems (seasons) of Assilah Cultural in Morocco.
  • He participated in a number of political, informational, cultural and educational Arabian and international conferences over the past years.
  • He participated in a number of official and national delegations, and political, cultural, parliament, informational, regional and international events, and chaired some of them.

Scientific, Research and Cultural Teams:

  • He chaired the scientific team that prepared and conducted the media strategy for the Gulf Cooperation Council states (2010-2020). The strategy was approved by the Supreme Council in Abu Dhabi Summit.
  • He chaired a number of scientific teams to complete advisory and research studies, including (the restructuring studies of Al Watan and Al-Nadwah Newspapers and others).
  • He headed the scientific team that was entrusted with the foundation studies of Al-Nadwah newspaper (Now Makkah) included: written feasibility study, technical and written personality of the newspaper and administrative structure.
  • He headed the Scientific Team who did the advisory researches for Re-establishing of the Eastern Co for Printing, Media and Information and Al-Sharq Magazine in Dammam 1998.
  • He headed the Scientific Team who did the foundational studies to establish “Sahiel” (Neigh); Saudi Magazine 2002. (magazine under establishment about horse riding).
  • He headed the Scientific Team who prepared the foundational and advisory studies to establish “Al Watan” news paper in 1997. He led the team through the phases of establishment and launch as he directly supervised this phase and its achievements.
  • He chaired the scientific team that prepared the project of the electronic media regulations for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • He chaired the scientific team that was entrusted with the study and establishment of the project of the Specialized Information Center on King Fahd (under establishment). He supervised the building of information bases and preparation of first issue of the mentioned centre (12 volumes) contained all what published on King Fahd after his death. (under printing)
  • He chaired many of the scientific teams that accomplished important national studies, such as (study of: Evaluation of the Election Experience in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia”; study of: “the Saudi Youth: Concerns, Problems and Aspirations; study of: the use of Internet in the Saudi Society; study of: evaluation of the national solidarity against terrorism; study of: the extent to which tourism activities meet the requirements of young male and female; study of: Religiosity of the Saudis; study of: Extremism in Saudi Society; study of: Appraisal of the Performance of the Saudi Ministry of Culture and Media, its institutions, and others).

Books and Researches:

  • A book entitled “Woogoh wa Amkenah” (Faces and Places) 2014
  • A book entitled “You are Ugly This Morning” 2013
  • A book entitled Saudi Arabia: in the past and future (Land, Human, Civilization)” 2013, et la.
  • A book entitled “These People and I” 2012
  • A book entitled “Knowledge is Power; and So Freedom Is” 2010
  • A book entitled: “America that Teaches us Democracy and Justice”, Riyadh 2004.
  • A book entitled “The Trends of Saudi Writers and Saudi Publications Towards War on Iraq” Riyadh 2003.
  • A book entitled “Ibn Abbas said: Aisha narrated”: a chapter in the accompaniment of the Juridical and the Literal in the Arab Culture, Riyadh 1995.
  • A book entitled “Waqt Lilaar” (Time for Shame) in politics, Riyadh 1990.

He supervised a number of Books and Publications

  • Saudi Ambassadors Lexicon 2002.
  • Asbar’s Encyclopaedia for Scholars and Specialists in Sharia in Saudi Arabia (three volumes) – 1999.
  • Asbar’s Encyclopaedia for Saudi Women (two volumes) – 1997.
  • The book of “the Parade of Saudi Information” (in Arabic, English and French) – 1999.
  • The Developmental Impact of the Saudi Development Funds (in Arabic and English)- 1999.
  • The book of “Desert Brides, Story of Urban Development in Saudi Arabia” (in Arabic, English and French) – 1999.

Research Papers

  • He authored a number of research papers, studies and essays published in different scientific newspapers and journals (academic and non-academic). He also prepared many scientific papers and delivered a great number of lectures in different national, Arab and international scientific and cultural occasions and events.


  • Daily columnist in Saudi “Al Watan” Magazine 2000.
  • Weekly columnist in Al Jazzira Magazine 1999.
  • Daily columnist in “Al Belad” Magazine 1997.
  • Weekly columnist in Al Yamamah Magazine to 1994.
  • Daily columnist in “Okaz” Magazine 1993.

Sources of CV:

• Google  ‪fahad alorabi alharthi‏

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