A.   Personal Information:
Surname: Al-Eidan
Name (Full): Maha Abdullah Ibrahim
College: College of Arts
Department: Social Studies
Scientific Degree: Assistant Professor
Current Job: Faculty member in the College of Arts, Social Studies Department

  B.           Academic Qualification:
1 Bachelor Degree Granting Date: 1398 H King Saud University, Riyadh, KSA
Degree Title: B.Sc. Degree  in Social Studies

General specialization: Social Studies

Major: Sociology


2 Master Degree Granting Date: 1405 H King Saud University, Riyadh, KSA
Degree Title:  Master Degree  of Social Studies

General specialization: Social Studies

Major: Sociology

(Social Change and The Woman)

3 Doctorate Degree Granting Date: 1434 H King Saud University, Riyadh, KSA
Degree Title:  Doctor of Philosophy in Social Studies

General specialization: Social Studies

Major: Sociology

(Social Change and The Woman)

C.   Specializations:
1.    Social Change.

2.    The woman.

Service Record:
  Job Title Place The Period
From To
1 Clerk General Presidency of Girls’ Education 1395 1499
2 Teaching fellow King Saudi University 1399 1405
3 Lecturer King Saudi University 1405 1434
4 Public Relations Manager in the Social Study Center for Females King Saudi University    
5 Assistant Professor King Saudi University 1434 Now
6 Deputy for Media Department King Saudi University 1434 1436

D.   Committees in Which I Participated on the Department Level:
  Membership Type Committee Name: No. Of Years
1 Rapporteur Member Public Relations Committee 4 Years
2 Member The Cultural Committee 2 Years
3 Rapporteur Member The Committee  of Postgraduate Studies 4 Years
4 Member Preparing Schedules Committee 10 Years
5 Rapporteur Member Preparing Schedules Committee 10 Years
6 Member The Committee  of Postgraduate Studies 10 Years

E.   Researches & Workshops:
1.    A study on the phenomena of admiration between girls, a study on a sample of female students in King Saud University, Female Departments, 1431 H / 2010 G.

2.    A study of the Changing Role of the Saudi Woman across various generations, Saudi Association of Sociology and Social Studies, Imam Muhammad ibn Saud Islamic University, 1437 H.

3.    A study on the Myth Role in the Scientific Knowledge, Journal of Social Service and Female Studies, Helwan University, 2016.

4.    Workshop on Tools of the Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches in the Ministry of Social Affairs, 2014.

5.    Participation in a seminar about the women’s employment, King Abdulaziz Library, 1420 H.

6.    A group of researches with the contribution of female students, in the field research (A study on: the university rewarding for female students in King Saud University -Reason of Missing Lectures by Female Students –  the Degree of Relationship between the mother and her daughter in adolescence, “Applied Study on the Intermediate School’s Students” – Salary Cashing Aspects For the Married Female Employee – Social Barriers Facing The Married Female Student in King Saudi University).

F.    Training Courses:
1.    Basics of Running Tests and  its Interpretation Methods 27/7 – 8/8/1426 H
2.    Computer Training Course (Word – Excel) 25/11-20/12/1427 H
3.    Workshop on SWAT Analysis for Faculty members 8/3/1429 H
4.    Training Course On Managing the Education System 27-28/1/1432 H
5.    Course on Education Strategies (Cooperative Education) 30/1-1/2/1433 H
6.    Course on Technology Integration in the University Education. 25 – 27/5/1434 H
7.    Workshop on uploading curricula on the website. 4 – 5 /6/1434 H
8.    Workshop on including the higher thinking skills in teaching and evaluation 27/6/1434 H
9.    Workshop on the way of writing studies submitted for publication. 10/5/1435 H
10. Workshop on the scientific research week 16-18/1/1436 H
11. Course on Basics of Academic Leadership 26/6/1436 H
12. Course on the virtual classroom 14/7/1436
13. Course on the convenient and safe education environment. 2/11/1436 H
14. Course on Supporting Students Education 5/11/1436 H
15. Course on the Microteaching. 21/12/1436 H
16. Training Course on the Effective Teaching. 28-29/12/1436 H

G.   Conferences & Seminars:
1.    Seminar on the university role in developing the human skills in King Saud University 4-6/1/1423 H


2.    Seminar titled (Future Vision to Limit Unemployment between Saudi Universities Female Graduates), King Saud University 9-10/4/1432 H

(2011 G)

3.    The First Forum for Families’ Cases in the Legal Courts, the Ministry of Justice, Riyadh, KSA. 15 – 17/5/1433 H

(2012 G)

4.    Higher Education Seminar for the Female in the Kingdom, From Development until the Competition. 2-3/3/1434 H

(2013 G)

5.    The Conference of the “Invisible Work”, Eastern Association of Sociology”, working paper entitled “Informal Economy of the Woman”, Baltimore, USA. 2014 G
6.    The Conference of “Facing Injustice”, The International Sociology Association”, Yokohama, Japan. 2014 G
7.    The Conference of Overstepping, ”, Eastern Association of Sociology”, working paper entitled “The Changing Role of the Saudi Woman Across the Different Generations”, New York, USA. 2015  G
8.    The First International Conference (Human Sciences, academically and professionally: OrientalistVision, King Saud University. 17-18/1436 H

(2015 G)

9.    The International Conference (The Future Teacher, Preparing and Developing him). 23-24/12/1436 H

(2015 G)

Activities Within and Outside the University:
1.    Member in the Saudi Society of Social Studies.

2.    Attending all seminars prepared by the research center in King Saud University.

3.    Attending some seminars held in Riyadh City, e.g. King Abdulaziz Library Seminars, CharitiesSymposiums, Public Committees of Social Development in Riyadh, Ministry of Justice Seminars on the Families Cases in Legal Courts, etc.

4.    Participation in workshops about (The nature of Behavioral Problems for Female Students in King Saud University).

5.    Participation it workshop about preparing the curricula of social studies (1/12/1431 H).

6.    Participation in the Evaluation tests in the Academic Year (1432/1433 H), in the center of the university studies for females in Aleesha.

7.    Participation in the voluntary campaign for Female Departments in Community Service (24/2/1436 H, 16/12/2014 G).

8.    Participation in the seminar of the Book Fair (Towards Generation of Readers)       (7-9/7/1436H)

9.    Supervising on researches of female students for Bachelor degree in the subject of the field research.

10. Supervision on researches of female students for Parallel Master degree for the subject of Graduation Project.

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