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Asbar Council Releases English Report on “Water and Food Security”

Asbar Council released a report in English entitled “Water and Food Security in Saudi Arabia: Issues and Strategies”. The report highlights the current water and food situation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and ways to achieve security in these important areas to ensure the safety of future generations.

The report was a result of outcomes for several sessions held by Asbar Council to discuss issues of water, food, and medicine. During these sessions, many Saudi experts, researchers, and academicians participated. They were members of the Council and other contributors from many government and non-government bodies.

The report is the result of several sessions held by the Asbar Council to discuss water, food, and pharmaceutical issues. During these sessions, many Saudi experts, researchersش, and academicians had their contributions. They are members of the Asbar Council and others who are hired by many government and non-governmental agencies.

The discussions comprising the report made many suggestions and recommendations that would help improve the water and food situation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the way to develop the two sectors. It is believed that the way of doing so can strengthen the national economy, achieve self-sufficiency, help improve the quality of life and protect the environment and natural resources.

The main themes covered in the report include: The National Program to Reduce Food Waste and Loss in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; Livestock, Development, and Vision 2030, the Certificate of Good Agricultural Practices in Saudi Arabia, and Palm Cultivation, and Dates Production Marketing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The report also highlights Desertification and the Environmental Offenses in Saudi Arabia; the Future and Sustainability of Water Resources in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Light of Vision 2030; and Food and Drug Security: Reality, Challenges, and Future Prospects.

It is worth noting that Asbar Council holds discussion meetings and dialogues throughout the year. This stems from its interest in various issues related to decision-makers and serving social and development issues in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

To view and download the report:

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