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Forty-Seven scientific products issued by Asbar Center (and the related initiatives) in the past six months

Asbar Center (and the related initiatives) issued a statement on forty-seven scientific and research products completed in the past six months (November 2019- April 2020).  The Center reported that it forwarded them free of charge to more than 1000 think tanks, research institutes and universities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Arab world, and the world at large. It also posted them on its three websites and it made them accessible in the Kingdom and abroad free of charge.

Regarding the products of Asbar World Forum (AWF), 24 reports were issued in Arabic and English. They highlighted many topics, including: the future of media, the future of industry, the future of security, the future of cities, the future of services, the future of economy, the future of scientific research and innovation, human capital: sustainable resources, the future of venture investment, the future of trade, and ethics and laws of artificial intelligence (AI).

The Forum (AWF) also issued (18) reports in both Arabic and English, that addressed the findings of the webinars held by the Forum on the effects and repercussions of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) in the Kingdom and the world. These reports highlighted several topics, including: Education after Corona, Saudis stranded abroad, cities empowerment, the global health system; visions and responses; small and medium-sized enterprises; social consequences; new world order; how will the world be like after COVID-19; and services and citizens: technology in countering crises.

In addition to the aforementioned scientific reports, the Forum (AWF) issued a glossary that is the first of its type in the world titled “Basic Terms for Futures Studies.” The dictionary contains the most important terms for the futures studies, with definitions and explanations of these terms, as well as the references used.

In the field of books, the Forum (AWF) published in the Arabic language, in partnership with the UNESCO, a book titled, “Transforming the Future: Anticipation in the 21st Century”. The book studies the anticipation approach based on the results of research conducted by the UNESCO with a number of partners in order to uncover and define expectancy theory and practices throughout the world today. Evidence were collected from more than 30 laboratories for reading the future.

The Forum (AWF) also issued a book titled “McQuail’s Mass Communication Theory”. The book is considered one of the most important references in media theories and mass communication, which is a must-read book for the students of media around the world.

On the other hand, Asbar Council published a scientific report in both Arabic and English on “Saudi Water and Food Security: Issues and Strategies.” The report shed light on the current situation of water and food in the Kingdom, and ways to achieve security in these vital areas, in order to ensure a safe life for future generations.

As part of carrying out its national role in addressing current issues and developments, including the Corona crisis, the Asbar Council issued another scientific report in Arabic and English titled, “Saudi Arabia and the Repercussions of the Corona pandemic.” The report shed light on a number of themes that addressed the repercussions of the pandemic on Saudi society, and traced its effects and repercussions. It also dealt with the measures taken to cope with the consequences brought about by the pandemic. The report provided recommendations that can contribute to the effective treatment of any emergency crises in case they may occur in the future.

 As for the Asbar Center’s products, the Center issued a survey titled, “Towards a comprehensive vision for a national strategy for Saudi soft power” prepared by Dr. Saud Katib. The survey is concerned with tracing the most capable national brands that may enhance the image of the Kingdom abroad. It also addressed and identified the tangible assets, which these brands have that are capable of supporting and consolidating them. This will promote formulating an effective strategy based on a clear and specific vision of the image that the Kingdom wishes to have and be associated with around the world.

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